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State & Its History

Awe- inspiring and Captivating

Pulsating with the sprit of Indian Culture and located in the central part of India, Odisha is like a bridge between the northern and southern halves of the country. Known as Kalinga, Utkala or Odra and Koshala during various periods, Odisha has a cheered history of successive rules of different dynasties and absorption and synthetization of the best of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cultures and also Mahima Cult.


Official language : Odia
Pronunciation :[Oriya]
Native speakers :37.5 million (2011)



Odisha has a unique culture and Odias call it as Jagannath Sanskruti as most of them revolve around Lord Jagannath.


The Indian Rupee (INR)


Climate in Odisha There are three notable seasons
Summer: March-June
Rainy Season: July-September
Winter: October-February


Odisha is located in a climatic region known as tropical wet-dry (or tropical savanna).
Avg Temperature: usually between 15-30° C
Summer : ranges between 35-42° C

Origin & Ethnicity

The Odras were placed in par with Poundras and Dravidas.
Ethnicity :Odias
Founded: Apr 01, 1936
Area: 60,119 sq miles
Population: 45.99 million (2018)
Capital: Bhubaneswar


Women in Odisha wear the Oriya Saree, which is often draped with a 5-yard cotton ikat cloth


The food here is worth mentioning due to its uniqueness with less oil and less spicy. It was in the 11th century when the 56 bhogs (also known as Chappan Bhog) was offered to Lord Jagannath, and food had a new meaning.


Sand Art : Carving of sculpture in sand or sand art as is widely called has been historically rooted in Odisha.


Pulsating are the dance forms of Odisha and spectacular is the way they are performed. We have curated a list of this exuberance which has since years well-kept-up the rich cultural heritage of the state.

Culture shock is certainly a “thing” in India. It’s mainly hard on first-timers who arrive unprepared, but knowing a few India travel tips beforehand surely helps.

Top Safety Tips

Police – 100
Fire Station – 101
Ambulance – 108
Traffic Control – 1095
Child Help Line – 1098
Costal Help – 1093
Women Helpline – 1091